JiaYu G3 Plus Review

The JiaYu G3 Plus is simply the quad-core version of the famous JiaYu G3. The JiaYu G3 has been a best-selling phone since last year when dual-core phones are the mainstream. Now its the year of quad-core phones, and here's the quad-core version of the JiaYu G3 dubbed as the JiaYu G3 Plus.

Unlike its predecessor, the JiaYu G3 Plus is not having stocks shortage problems.

The JiaYu G3 Plus sports the latest MTK6589 quad core processor which is clocked at 1.2GHz. It still has the same 4.5 inches of HD and IPS screen. It now runs on Android 4.2.1 JellyBean out of the box.

Overall, it retained its same aesthetics, no changes on its design and as well the other specs parameter. It is still the same screen quality, amount of memory (1GB RAM/ 4GB ROM), and 2750mAH battery.

What is changed here is from MT6577 dual core CPU, it now have MT6589 quad core CPU. Also, the camera software is now interpolated to 13MP on main and 5MP on front instead of the previous 8MP/2MP configurations.

If you arent able to get yourself a JiaYu G3 when it was hot, then this is your chance then. The JiaYu G3 Plus obviously, is able to catch up with what's on the trend right now. It is never a bad choice to grab this phone now as its being sold for a relatively cheap price for a quad-core device.

Click here for the complete specifications and more photos of the JiaYu G3 Plus.

To add, the JiaYu G3 Plus have Gorilla Glass screen that protects it from scratches.
JiaYu G3 Plus retails for only $175.

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