HDC Galaxy S4 Spark Review

The HDC Galaxy S4 Spark is a new entry to HDC's quad-core lineup. Following the HDC Galaxy S4 Legend's hype, this sub-200USD S4 knock-off also have Gesture Control. It sports a MT6589 quad core processor which is clocked at 1.2 GHz, has 5.0 inches screen and runs on the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box.

A quick run-down on the interesting features that this new HDC Galaxy S4 Spark highlights:

  • supports Gesture Control
  • supports Air View
  • supports Smart Stay

The HDC Galaxy S4 Spark has the complete aesthetics of a real Galaxy S3. It has the same 5.0-inches screen with HD resolution at 1280x720 pixels. The screen is an IPS type so at any viewing angles, colors doesnt washes out.

It is packed with 2GB of RAM which is a really big score for RAM memory. 1GB of RAM is already more than enough for seamless multi-tasking and keeping an Android phone snappy, but the HDC Galaxy S4 Spark has double. Internal storage capacity is set by the 4GB ROM memory on board.

With the quad-core processor from MediaTek, and the PowerVR SGX544 GPU on board; you can expect high performance on this phone in terms of navigation, playing HD games, or even just playback of high-sized and high-quality multimedia files.

It has Google Play support and installed. The S4 Spark runs really smooth and snappy, thanks as well to its Jelly Bean operating system out of the box.

A combination of snappers of 13MP and 2MP is what makes the camera of the HDC Galaxy S4 Spark. This Android phone is a bit different with other common China phones out there as it only have a single-SIM support that fits micro-SIM cards on the slot. It supports WCDMA, totally unlocked and works with any carriers worldwide.

To know more about the HDC Galaxy S4 Spark specifications, screenshots, actual images, and for more technical details, click here.

You can buy the HDC Galaxy S4 Spark online for just $199 and comes free shipping worldwide.

Buying HDC Galaxy S4 Spark comes with a spare battery and a nice-looking protective covers/cases.
This one is a powerful beast on its own. If you just have a budget for a phone that is under $200, and you dont mind using a single-micro-sim device, then the HDC Galax S4 Spark is the phone to grab. You get the S4 experience with its looks, features and performance, but definitely a lot less than the real S4's price.

$199 + Free Shipping

Click here to buy the HDC Galaxy S4 Spark


2 Responses to “HDC Galaxy S4 Spark Review”

  1. Hi, you say "It supports WCDMA, totally unlocked and works with any carriers worldwide" are you sure? Support WCDMA 850/1900/2100? becouse in my countrie need 850 and 1900 in WCDMA.

    1. Hi, are you from Germany? I tried checking out mobile carriers from Germany and found out that all of them are on 2100 for 3G/WCDMA so these devices will work on that country. Also, I have a friend that lives there who is also a fan of Chinese Android phones.

      But, I might have misinterpreted your name. If yes, tell me your country and the mobile network you are using so I can look up on it.



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